Introducing, the colorful world of sound, an exploration of the musical spectrum. Here at Sound In Color, we paint each 
masterpiece with the shades of life. We approach the blank canvas with a palette of style, and a collage of concepts 
traveling toward a new direction. Birth of a New Label The Sound in Color Compilation is complete. After months of 
digging, design, and dedication, the long awaited instrumental album is here. This release serves as an introduction to 
the label, via our MU.SIC compilation, available to retailers the third week of September 2003. Beat Makers such as GB, 
Exile, Platonic, Mainframe, Ricci Rucker, MHE, and hip hop veteran, Mumbles, round out the squad of producers for this 
upcoming release. This release also features guest tracks from Free Moral Agents (Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta), 
The Earl, and Teck Another. As a bonus to the 17song MU.SIC compilation CD, we are offering a 'limited press' triple 
vinyl box set, with a production run of 3,000 pieces, making it a true collectors item.

#2 RED


Taken from the original compilation, ‘MU.SIC,’ this first 12” (in a series of 3) showcases Mainframe & Platonic’s club
scorcher, ‘The Future’s Oldest Story.’ Given the proper remix by Bugz In The Attic chief selector Daz-I-Kue, this tune
takes on a whole new dimension for the dance massive. Alongside this re-rub, Daz presents us with a bonus beat to
keep the floors moving. Beat conductor Exile also contributes to the 12”, with a nice club killer, ‘Lullaby.’ To round things
out smoothly, SIC’s own GB gives us to cuts to keep ears open to… Look out for the follow-up 12”’s, aptly titled ‘Red’ and


Part 2 of this 3 12” series, ‘Red’ offers the return of Mumbles with special guest Cut Chemist, plus a solid contribution
from MHE. Songs Prema’s Dilemma & Rise reprise encompass the A side, with MHE’s 005 for the B section. B-Boy
pioneer Mumbles first came to hip-hop’s attention with his contributions to Aceylone’s “All Balls Don’t Bounce,” followed
with the production (alongside Aceyalone’s poignant lyrical delivery) of “A Book Of Human Language.” Shortly following
the release of “A Book…,” Mumbles sought out to travel the world and immerse himself in world culture. This 12” along
with his contribution to the ‘MU.SIC’ compilation marks the return of Mumbles!


The Third in a series of singles from Sound In Color's "MU.SIC" compilation, Green' features new music from A'me, Caural, and Josh One. The sound ranges from the hip-hop banger ‘Step To This’ by Josh One (featuring Blu on MC duties), to Caural’s stellar remix of ‘Nocturnal Tribe’ (GB’s original appears on SIC compilation, ‘Block Radius’), and is rounded out by the moody masterpiece, Until You,’ written and performed by A’me.

Johnson&Jonson is the project by Blu and Mainframe. Most are familiar with Blu's work with producer Exile on the release, "Below the Heavens," and his release with Ta'Raach as C.R.A.C. for their album, "The Piece Talks." Johnson&Jonson rounds Blu's foundation for their debut release "Johnson&Jonson," in a period where Blu recorded all three projects (Below the Heavens, C.R.A.C, and Johnson&Jonson), during a similar time period.

Intended as a mixtape for "Below the Heavens," "Johnson&Jonson" is a project filled with fun, wit, and experience told by an emerging hip hop star, while living and recording the project in Long Beach, CA. It was supposed to paint a different story to other projects, as Johnson&Jonson is intended to be Blu's rap/swagger project, as opposed to the energy of C.R.A.C. or the song writing and auto-biographical nature of Blu & Exile's "Below the Heavens." Blu's personality and humor captivates audiences, while displaying his lyrical power and capability.

Be prepared to embark on another journey provide by Blu. This time with the help of Mainframe, as the group, "Johnson&Jonson," both artists take you on a trip through their life in Long Beach, CA - the ups and downs, their stories and experiences, and their relatable humor that everyone can identity with.

Milk Em' - Ghostface Killah Ft. Trife

New verbal heat from the legendary Ghostface Killah, alongside theodore unit's, Trife, over blazing SIC production... Nuff said. Exile, Strange Fruit Project, MHE, Ricci Rucker, and Benny Cassette on the beats!!!

Simply So - GB feat. Spacek (+Sa-Ra remix)

Taken from his forthcoming full-length release ‘For The Morning After,’ GB’s collaboration with Steve Spacek (vocals),
results in a brilliant future soul composition. To add to the mix, their ‘Simply So’ track gets the remix treatment from
SA RA creative partners. Known for producing Pharoahe Monch’s “Agent Orange’ single, Jurassic 5’s “Hey,” as well
as contributing tracks on the new Bilal, Dr. Dre, Res, and Erykah Badu albums, SA RA is quickly becoming a name 
DJ’s and all music fans will support.